The “Ra-Solo” web studio

You are welcome! We are especially delighted to each and every site visitor. So let us briefly describe our studio. Our team is relatively young, Nevertheless, we are professionals and thus we make our projects in a responsible way. We could solve such different tasks and offer the following services for all categories of customers:

  • We develop complex Internet projects, implement various algorithms, applying non-standard technical solutions, analyze any open information on the Internet, install quality third-party products.
  • We write our own original software as well as make an implementation of non-trivial algorithms. We could install popular software on your site. We also could develop any project for our customer - from making promo pages and business cards to complex individual projects.
  • We create original graphic components for your site. We can scan and process photos. We install and adjust any slideshow. We can upload images to your site, including the online store list of goods.
  • We can fill your site or online store with any English, Russian or Ukrainian text content. We guarantee the correctness of the Russian or Ukrainian text.
  • We can register and support any domain in the corresponding domain zones. We also can provide a legal guarantee for the customer of the property rights of the registered domains.
  • We can improve your site position in the search engine ranking. We can help you to create a profitable Google Adwords campaign.
  • We provide the physical and virtual hosting services.
  • We do website tracking as well as Troubleshooting and CMS update.
  • Official registration of the contract and the calendar plan. You can pay for our services in US dollars, Russian roubles or Ukrainian Hryvnias.

Call, write, contact us any time. We advise for free!


director of the studio      V.Oleynik

This is the passport of ours WM-identifier number 233157346953