Hosting service

Dear visitors!

We try to provide comprehensive customer service for our clients. If you ordered a website from us, then now you do not have to worry about its performance and security. We will take this work for ourselves.

Attention! For all those who place an order for the production of the site, we provide free hosting for half a year.

Prices for accommodation and support of sites:

Data size
up to 15 Mb
up to 500 Mb
up to 1 Gb
up to 3 Gb
over 3 Gb
W/o prjct accomp-t*
0,5 USD mnthly
1 USD mnthly
3 USD mnthly
5 USD mnthly
Incl. prjct accomp-t*
5 USD mnthly
7 USD mnthly
9 USD mnthly
11 USD mnthly
contract rate

*) The unincorporated site hosting involves not only using the main resources – disk memory, processor and network Internet channels. We perform work on replacing files and database site. Thus, if you want to make changes to the content of the site, and do not order changes to our specialists, you can simply send us new files and a copy of the database, we will install the site on hosting.

*) The gosting service with support means the possibility of making changes to the content of the site by our staff at the request of the client.

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